APM (AZURE PROPERTIES & MAINTENANCE INC.) is a regional property preservation service company founded in 2020. It is based in New York and operates around 20 different states in USA. It offers the best quality all sorts of property preservation services includes REO, preservation, maintenance and repairing services of the foreclosed property to its various clients. The company is thriving to provide the quality service not just providing with a wide range of coverage but the highly professional and experienced crews in the field to perform the work in the best way as per the client’s demand. Not only in the field but also the in-house employees who deal with the field representatives and the clients are very sincere, dedicated and vastly knowledgeable regarding the products, work and the whole industry. The processing team has also have very up to date knowledge regarding the guidelines, regulations, pricing and clients’ every requirement. The goal of the team is to achieving the clients’ highest level of satisfaction and trust. The process starts by analyzing clients’ requirements, focusing on the guidelines, maintaining the quality of the work, meeting the time frame and submitting the work so that they have everything they need. The company is continuously hiring people within the existing coverage to have multiple options to assign the work and to the new areas also so that we can provide with wider coverage to our clients as per their demand.


The following features and resources give us the leverage to be unique and the best in the industry.